There are multiple ways to install HyperSpy, please refer to the installation chapter of the User Guide for details.

If you are on Microsoft Windows and you are new to Python the easiest way to get started is installing the Windows bundle below. For other platforms and experienced users we recommend installing with Anaconda.

Windows bundle installers

These installers install WinPython modified to include HyperSpy and its dependencies. This is the recommended installation method in Windows for users not familiar with Python. Since v1.2 the bundle distribution includes HyperSpyUI.

HyperSpy-1.3 for Windows 32-bits

HyperSpy-1.3 for Windows 64-bits


If HyperSpy fails to start install the Visual C++ 2015 (x64 and x86 for CPython 3.5) redistributable packages.

Older releases are available in GitHub.