hyperspy._signals.eds_sem module

class hyperspy._signals.eds_sem.EDSSEMParametersUI(signal)

Bases: hyperspy.signal.BaseSetMetadataItems

gui(display=True, toolkit=None, **kwargs)

Display or return interactive GUI element if available.

  • display (bool) – If True, display the user interface widgets. If False, return the widgets container in a dictionary, usually for customisation or testing.

  • toolkit (str, iterable of strings or None) – If None (default), all available widgets are displayed or returned. If string, only the widgets of the selected toolkit are displayed if available. If an interable of toolkit strings, the widgets of all listed toolkits are displayed or returned.

class hyperspy._signals.eds_sem.EDSSEMSpectrum(*args, **kwards)

Bases: hyperspy._signals.eds_sem.EDSSEM_mixin, hyperspy._signals.eds.EDSSpectrum

class hyperspy._signals.eds_sem.LazyEDSSEMSpectrum(*args, **kwards)

Bases: hyperspy._signals.eds_sem.EDSSEMSpectrum, hyperspy._signals.eds.LazyEDSSpectrum