hyperspy.components1d module

Components that can be used to define a 1D model for e.g. curve fitting.

There are some components that are only useful for one particular kind of signal and therefore their name are preceded by the signal name: eg. eels_cl_edge.

Writing a new template is really easy, just edit _template.py and maybe take a look to the other components.

For more details see each component docstring.

Arctan Arctan function component.. Bleasdale Bleasdale function component… DoublePowerLaw .. EELSCLEdge EELS core loss ionisation edge from hydroge.. Erf Error function component.. Exponential Exponentian function components.. Expression Create a component from a string expression.. Gaussian Normalized gaussian function component.. GaussianHF Normalized gaussian function component, wit.. HeavisideStep The Heaviside step function.. Logistic Logistic function component.. Lorentzian Cauchy-Lorentz distribution (a.k.a. Lorentz.. Offset Component to add a constant value in the y-.. PESCoreLineShape .. Polynomial n-order polynomial component… PowerLaw Power law component.. RC .. SEE Secondary electron emission component for P.. ScalableFixedPattern Fixed pattern component with interpolation .. Vignetting .. Voigt Voigt profile component with support for sh.. VolumePlasmonDrude Drude volume plasmon energy loss function c..