hyperspy.drawing.mpl_hie module

class hyperspy.drawing.mpl_hie.MPL_HyperImage_Explorer

Bases: hyperspy.drawing.mpl_he.MPL_HyperExplorer

plot_signal(colorbar=True, scalebar=True, scalebar_color='white', axes_ticks=None, saturated_pixels=0, vmin=None, vmax=None, no_nans=False, centre_colormap='auto', **kwargs)

Plot image.

  • colorbar (bool, optional) – If true, a colorbar is plotted for non-RGB images.
  • scalebar (bool, optional) – If True and the units and scale of the x and y axes are the same a scale bar is plotted.
  • scalebar_color (str, optional) – A valid MPL color string; will be used as the scalebar color.
  • axes_ticks ({None, bool}, optional) – If True, plot the axes ticks. If None axes_ticks are only plotted when the scale bar is not plotted. If False the axes ticks are never plotted.
  • saturated_pixels (scalar) – The percentage of pixels that are left out of the bounds. For example, the low and high bounds of a value of 1 are the 0.5% and 99.5% percentiles. It must be in the [0, 100] range.
  • vmax (vmin,) – vmin and vmax are used to normalize luminance data.
  • no_nans (bool, optional) – If True, set nans to zero for plotting.
  • optional (**kwargs,) – Additional key word arguments passed to matplotlib.imshow()