hyperspy.io_plugins.msa module

hyperspy.io_plugins.msa.file_reader(filename, encoding='latin-1', **kwds)
hyperspy.io_plugins.msa.file_writer(filename, signal, format=None, separator=', ', encoding='latin-1')
hyperspy.io_plugins.msa.parse_msa_string(string, filename=None)

Parse an EMSA/MSA file content.

  • string (string or file object) – It must complain with the EMSA/MSA standard.
  • filename (string or None) – The filename.
  • Returns
  • --------
  • file_data_list (list) – The list containts a dictionary that contains the parsed information. It can be used to create a :class:BaseSignal using :func:hyperspy.io.dict2signal.