hyperspy.logger module


Convenience function to set the log level of all hyperspy modules.

Note: The log level of all other modules are left untouched.

Parameters:level ({int | str}) –

The log level to set. Any values that logging.Logger.setLevel() accepts are valid. The default options are:

  • ’ERROR’
  • ’INFO’
  • ’DEBUG’
  • ’NOTSET’

For normal logging of hyperspy functions, you can set the log level like this:

>>> import hyperspy.api as hs
>>> hs.set_log_level('INFO')
>>> hs.load(r'my_file.dm3')
INFO:hyperspy.io_plugins.digital_micrograph:DM version: 3
INFO:hyperspy.io_plugins.digital_micrograph:size 4796607 B
INFO:hyperspy.io_plugins.digital_micrograph:Is file Little endian? True
INFO:hyperspy.io_plugins.digital_micrograph:Total tags in root group: 15
<Signal2D, title: My file, dimensions: (|1024, 1024)>

If you need the log output during the initial import of hyperspy, you should set the log level like this:

>>> from hyperspy.logger import set_log_level
>>> set_log_level('DEBUG')
>>> import hyperspy.api as hs
DEBUG:hyperspy.gui:Loading hyperspy.gui
DEBUG:hyperspy.gui:Current MPL backend: TkAgg
DEBUG:hyperspy.gui:Current ETS toolkit: qt4
DEBUG:hyperspy.gui:Current ETS toolkit set to: null