hyperspy.misc.eels.hartree_slater_gos module

class hyperspy.misc.eels.hartree_slater_gos.HartreeSlaterGOS(element_subshell)

Bases: hyperspy.misc.eels.base_gos.GOSBase

Read Hartree-Slater Generalized Oscillator Strenght parametrized from files.

Parameters:element_subshell ({str, dict}) – Usually a string, for example, ‘Ti_L3’ for the GOS of the titanium L3 subshell. If a dictionary is passed, it is assumed that Hartree Slater GOS was exported using GOS.as_dictionary, and will be reconstructed.

Read the GOS files of the element subshell from the location defined in Preferences.

get_qaxis_and_gos(ienergy, qmin, qmax)

given the energy axis index and qmin and qmax values returns the qaxis and gos between qmin and qmax using linear interpolation to include qmin and qmax in the range.


Export the GOS as a dictionary that can be saved.


array – The tabulated energy axis


array – The tabulated qaxis


float – The energy onset for the given element subshell as obtained from iternal tables.


Export the GOS as a dictionary

integrateq(onset_energy, angle, E0)