hyperspy.misc.eels.hydrogenic_gos module

class hyperspy.misc.eels.hydrogenic_gos.HydrogenicGOS(element_subshell)

Bases: hyperspy.misc.eels.base_gos.GOSBase

Computes the K and L GOS using R. Egerton’s routines.

Parameters:element_subshell (str) – For example, ‘Ti_L3’ for the GOS of the titanium L3 subshell

Parametrize the GOS to speed up the calculation.

get_qaxis_and_gos(ienergy, qmin, qmax)

Given the energy axis index and qmin and qmax values returns the qaxis and gos between qmin and qmax using linear interpolation to include qmin and qmax in the range.


array – The tabulated energy axis


array – The tabulated qaxis


float – The energy onset for the given element subshell as obtained from iternal tables.


The Hydrogeninc GOS are calculated using R. Egerton’s SIGMAK3 and SIGMAL3 routines that has been translated from Matlab to Python by I. Iyengar. See http://www.tem-eels.ca/ for the original code.

gosfuncK(E, qa02)
gosfuncL(E, qa02)
integrateq(onset_energy, angle, E0)