hyperspy.misc.physics_tools module

hyperspy.misc.physics_tools.bragg_scattering_angle(d, E0=100)

Calculate the first order bragg diffraction semiangle.

  • d (float) – interplanar distance in m.
  • E0 (float) – Incident energy in keV

  • float (Semiangle of scattering of the first order difracted beam. This is)
  • two times the bragg angle.

hyperspy.misc.physics_tools.effective_Z(Z_list, exponent=2.94)

Effective atomic number of a compound or mixture.

Exponent = 2.94 for X-ray absorption.

Parameters:Z_list (list of tuples) – A list of tuples (f,Z) where f is the number of atoms of the element in the molecule and Z its atomic number
Return type:float