HyperSpy 2.0 released!

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New interactive demos

Interactive demos have been added to HyperSpy!

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Scipy2016 HyperSpy talk

Watch online Tomas Ostaševičius presenting “HyperSpy: How to Easily Bend Multi-dimensional Data to your Analytical Will” at the SciPy2016 conference.

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New demos added

The existing https://nbviewer.org/github/hyperspy/hyperspy-demos have been updated and three new demos have been added.

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Citing HyperSpy

HyperSpy can now be cited using our brand new DOI See how to cite HyperSpy or click on the DOI badge below for details.

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New demos repository

The examples section in the HyperSpy website has been replaced by a new demos repository.

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New release of ImportRPL

We are proud to announce a new release of the ImportRPL Digital Micrograph plugin.

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