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Analysis of 4D-STEM DATA @ NTNU, 11-13th of June 2024

A workshop on 4D-STEM (big) data analysis will be organized at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, 11-13th of June 2024. This year’s workshop will focus on how we can analyze (big) data from different 4D-STEM techniques and understand and utilize data from new detectors. New possibilities given by better cameras, post processing and data analysis have developed largely during the last years. In three days, invited experts and skilled educators in this field will address the essentials and the latest developments through hands-on practical computer sessions. The workshop will cover analysis of several types of 4D-STEM techniques, like scanning precession electron diffraction (SPED), ptychography and differential phase contrast (DPC). We will teach how to use various open-source scientific Python packages (including pyxem and Hyperspy) to analyze diffraction data, and in particular big datasets.

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HyperSpy lecture and tutorial @ eBEAM summer school, Sept. 1-13, 2024

The summer School on Nano-optics with Free Electrons (eBEAM 2024) will feature an introductory lecture as well as tutorial sessions in small groups of about 12 people on data analysis for EELS and CL using HyperSpy and its extensions LumiSpy and eXSpy. The school takes place at the Paul Langevin CNRS site in Aussois (French Alps) between Septembre 1 and 13, 2024. Applications for the summer school will be open between March 4 and May 1.

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HyperSpy Workshop @ EMC2024, 25th of August 2024

We are happy to announce a HyperSpy workshop at the European Microscopy Congress (EMC 2024). The workshop will take place on the 25th of August 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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