hyperspyui.plugins.dmannotations module

class hyperspyui.plugins.dmannotations.DmAnnotations(main_window)

Bases: Plugin

_add_beam(image, location, add_text)
_add_drift(image, location, add_text)
_add_label(image, text, color, x, y)
_add_si(image, location, add_text)
_dummy(*args, **kwargs)
add_annotations(signal=None, add_text=False, plot_beam=True, plot_si=True, plot_drift=True)

Plot a hyperspy signal with the markers from digital micrograph enabled

  • signal (Signal) – DM signal

  • add_text (bool) – Switch to control if labels for the markers are added to the plot

  • plot_beam (bool) – Switch to control if beam point is plotted (if present)

  • plot_si (bool) – Switch to control if spectrum image box or line is plotted (i present)

  • plot_drift (bool) – Switch to control if spatial drift box is plotted (if present)

  • text_size (str or float) – size of the text that will be written on the image (follows same convention as the Text matplotlib Artist

name = 'DM Annotations'