hyperspyui.settings module

Created on Sat Dec 27 14:21:00 2014

@author: Vidar Tonaas Fauske

class hyperspyui.settings.Settings(parent=None, group=None)

Bases: object

static clear_defaults()

Clear all settings in defaults group. Should only be run once during application start, as it will undo any defaults that have been set.


Returns the possible enum hint values if set, otherwise None.

get_or_prompt(key, options, title='Prompt', descr='')

Gets the setting specified by key. If it is not set, prompts the user to select one option out of several. The prompt includes a checkbox to remember the answer (“Remember this setting”).

The option parameter should be a list of two-tuples, specifying an ordered list of option values, and labels.

read(d, group=None, settings=None)
static restore_from_defaults()

Clears all settings (except “defaults” group) and restores all settings from the defaults group.


Restore a given setting to its default value.

set_default(key, value)

Sets default value by writing into defaults group.

set_enum_hint(key, options)

Indicate possible values for a setting.

The options are not strictly enforced, but can be used to indicate valid values to the user. A typical usecase is to allow the use of a combobox in a dialog to pick a value.

write(d, group=None, settings=None)