hyperspyui.widgets.consolewidget module

Created on Tue Nov 04 16:04:17 2014

@author: Vidar Tonaas Fauske

class hyperspyui.widgets.consolewidget.ConsoleWidget(**kwargs)

Bases: qtconsole.rich_jupyter_widget.RichJupyterWidget

_execute(source, hidden)

Execute ‘source’. If ‘hidden’, do not show any output.

See parent class execute() docstring for full details.

Overriden copy to move ‘executing’ event before it is actually executed

_trait_default_generators = {}

set default asyncio policy to be compatible with tornado Tornado 6 (at least) is not compatible with the default asyncio implementation on Windows

Pick the older SelectorEventLoopPolicy on Windows if the known-incompatible default policy is in use. do this as early as possible to make it a low priority and overrideable

ref: https://github.com/tornadoweb/tornado/issues/2608 FIXME: if/when tornado supports the defaults in asyncio, remove and bump tornado requirement for py38