hyperspyui.widgets.traitswidget module

Created on Wed Jan 07 20:01:34 2015

@author: Vidar Tonaas Fauske

class hyperspyui.widgets.traitswidget.TraitsWidget(main_window, cb_make_dialog, cb_check=None, parent=None)

Bases: hyperspyui.widgets.extendedqwidgets.FigureWidget

DockWidget for TraitsUI dialogs. The default behavior is to update the dialog when the active subwindow changes or when the widget becomes visible (updates are supressed when widget is hidden). This is done by capturing the traitsui dialog as it is created (see code in mainwindowbase).


Called when a connected update triggers. If the window is valid, it sets up the traitsui dialog capture, and calls cb_make_dialog. If the window is invalid, it clears the widget.


Empties out the dockwidget.


Called when a traitsui dialog has been captured.