hyperspyui.widgets.elementpicker module

Created on Fri Nov 21 22:22:33 2014

@author: Vidar Tonaas Fauske

class hyperspyui.widgets.elementpicker.ElementPickerWidget(main_window, parent)

Bases: hyperspyui.widgets.extendedqwidgets.FigureWidget

Tool window for picking elements of an interactive periodic table. Takes a signal in the constructor, and a parent control.

_get_element_subshells(element, include_pre_edges=False)

Called when a connected update triggers. If the window is valid, it sets up the traitsui dialog capture, and calls cb_make_dialog. If the window is invalid, it clears the widget.


Toggles peak markers on the plot, i.e. adds/removes markers for all elements added on signal.


Sets the table elements to passed parameter. Does not modify elements in signal! That is handled by the _toggle_element* functions


Makes sure the element is toggled correctly for both EDS and EELS. Dependent on hyperspy implementation, as there are currently no remove_element functions.

_toggle_subshell(subshell, checked)

Create UI controls.

element_context(widget, point)

Make integrated intensity maps for the defines elements. Currently only implemented for EDS signals.

property markers
set_element(element, value)

Sets the state of element in table and adds/removes in signal if necessary