Phenom ELID format#

The .elid file format is used by the software package Element Identification for the Thermo Fisher Scientific Phenom desktop SEMs. It is a proprietary binary format which can contain images, single EDS spectra, 1D line scan EDS spectra and 2D EDS spectrum maps. The reader will convert all signals and its metadata into dictionaries according to the RosettaSciIO API.

The current implementation supports .elid files created with Element Identification version 3.8.0 and later. You can convert older .elid files by loading the file into a recent Element Identification release and then save the .elid file into the newer file format.

API functions#

rsciio.phenom.file_reader(filename, lazy=False)#

Read a Phenom .elid file from the software Element Identification (>v3.8.0) used by the Thermo Fisher Scientific Phenom desktop SEMs.

filenamestr, pathlib.Path

Filename of the file to read or corresponding pathlib.Path.

lazybool, default=False

Lazy loading is not supported.

list of dict

List of dictionaries containing the following fields:

  • ‘data’ – multidimensional numpy.ndarray or dask.array.Array

  • ‘axes’ – list of dictionaries describing the axes containing the fields ‘name’, ‘units’, ‘index_in_array’, and either ‘size’, ‘offset’, and ‘scale’ or a numpy array ‘axis’ containing the full axes vector

  • ‘metadata’ – dictionary containing the parsed metadata

  • ‘original_metadata’ – dictionary containing the full metadata tree from the input file