Protochips logfile#

RosettaSciIO can read heater, biasing and gas cell logfiles for Protochips holder. The format stores all the captured data together with a small header in a .csv file. The reader extracts the measured quantity (e. g. temperature, pressure, current, voltage) along the time axis, as well as the notes saved during the experiment. The reader returns a list of signal with each signal corresponding to a quantity. Since there is a small fluctuation in the step of the time axis, the reader assumes that the step is constant and takes its mean, which is a good approximation. Further releases of RosettaSciIO will read the time axis more precisely by supporting non-uniform axis (to be implemented!).


To read Protochips logfiles in HyperSpy, use the reader argument to define the correct file plugin as the .csv extension is not unique to this reader:

>>> import hyperspy.api as hs
>>> hs.load("filename.csv", reader="protochips")

API functions#

rsciio.protochips.file_reader(filename, lazy=False)#

Read a Protochips .csv logfile containing data for heater, biasing or gas cell experiments using an in-situ holder.

filenamestr, pathlib.Path

Filename of the file to read or corresponding pathlib.Path.

lazybool, default=False

Lazy loading is not supported.

list of dict

List of dictionaries containing the following fields:

  • ‘data’ – multidimensional numpy.ndarray or dask.array.Array

  • ‘axes’ – list of dictionaries describing the axes containing the fields ‘name’, ‘units’, ‘index_in_array’, and either ‘size’, ‘offset’, and ‘scale’ or a numpy array ‘axis’ containing the full axes vector

  • ‘metadata’ – dictionary containing the parsed metadata

  • ‘original_metadata’ – dictionary containing the full metadata tree from the input file